Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Yesterday...I saw one of the prettiest, cutest dogs at a home as I was driving down a local road...

It was a Golden Retriever.

These dogs are so very beautiful with a golden hue to their fur...They are sporty dogs that like to play ball..they fetch and if trained properly will bring it back!...They seem to be smiling all the time when I see them!....Their fur is so nice to be brushed and they are generally good with children nearby.....I think they could be named Sunshine, Blondie, Wheat, Gold or whatever you wish to name them!......Some of these dogs have been severely abused by nasty weirdos...It seems as though when I talk about any pet, it tends to be that all types have suffered abuse in the world..I wish to END animal abuse for all animals/pets!.....they need to be adopted by good people who will take VERY good care of them! Love & care for them, they are family!

The Dachshund is a very small tiny dog!...Oh, they are so cute! and cuddly!...You have to make very sure you always look out for them when you are near them so you will not accidentally step on them!..That would be awful and upsetting!...They have tiny chew toys and require a special can of tiny dog food..I think they need to be kept in your house..They make wonderful pets, they are gentle and they can become angry when near other pets...they are so small and need to be in homes with small children..they are so tiny and require plenty of rest, proper diet, water, shelter..love & care...Great for your family!

Labrador Retriever.

The Labrador or "Lab" as they are called are very sporty athletic dogs and they require a lot of work and attention outdoors!..They enjoy hunting, fetching, playing with children..they are usually very mild-mannered and do not get angry very often....They are in 3 color hues..Black, Brown, Yellow...they are similar to Golden Retrievers and they are very cute and sweet!..I think their fur is nice brushed and they need to be kenneled up at night when outdoors they like to roam...all pets need to be monitored outdoors at all times, have pens, tie -out cords with collars, and plenty of water, food shelter....Good for your family.

Jack Russell Terrier.

This dog is very hyper, silly, active and athletic!..They are smaller dogs and they need special food for smaller set dogs..they need plenty of attention from you, and they need to be well taken care of!..They make me giggle whenever I see them play with their toys and race in circles!...haha..They can be trained...They should be kept away from cats, I have heard for many years that they don't like cats..These dogs are good with children but they can become grouchy and snap at you or loud children...so let them have rest and don't annoy them too much...Best kept in home.

Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier is a very hyper dog like the one above, they are smaller set and require special food, proper diet, and need to active! They like to hunt for all kinds of critter sometimes and can easily wander away from home.My advice on this dog is to keep him close to home at all times! They need to be contained in a pen, OR kept in the home I think is best they are so small and mischievious!...haha....they can be grouchy and snap at you also.Good with children but can be hateful when annoyed!....Can be trained well.They are friendly sweet small dogs...


This dog is smaller set, and it is very sweet, gentle, and cuddly!..They are so cute! They have cute barks and they require special food and to have special haircuts! They have hair/fur on their face that looks kind of like a moustache...it needs to be clipped and trimmed...Brushing their fur is always something they need to have done...Taking them to the groomers is something you can do monthly sometimes!....lol...They are good with children and need to be kept away from cats I think..they can become snappy also!..take good care of them.They make good family/friends! Keep them in the home.

 Basset Hound.
These dogs are so cute! They make me giggle when they walk and play! They are lazy and they enjoy sleeping.They have very long fuzzy ears that are so cute and they are cute and wrinkly! Good for families and they are so very gentle.I haven't heard anything about them becoming snappy or grouchy...I think they are cute named Gus, Sam, or Peanut, or whatever you wish to name them!...they like to take naps on the porch and yawn...they need to be fed special diets because they like to enjoy their food and sleep all the time!

Cocker Spaniel.

This dog is just like Lady from the cartoon Lady & The Tramp.It is a sweet, gentle dog that requires plenty of attention. I have not heard anything about them becoming snappy or grouchy before, but they probably are annoyed sometimes..They are good with children and they need to be on special diets! They tend to be lazy and when not active they may become depressed. ALWAYS give them plenty of proper food/diet and exercise them...They need to be kept indoors probably..Their fur needs tended to, brush them weekly! They are very beautiful dogs, and so sweet and kind!

I think all pets need to be well taken care of..I see so many pets these days standing in the roads or running across highways, lost or missing from their families! It is very upsetting and I cry about all of the abuse that goes on with all animals....I wish for all animal abuse to END.

I just think that everyone who is able to needs to adopt a new best friend, they will always love you and care about you too, and be there for you always! Starting your life over new with a new pal is always a good way to begin your life over..they help with being alone and they keep you from feeling upset or depressed so much I believe! Adopting a pet into your life, or if you have a family of your own, adopting a pet will change your life for the better!

ADOPT a pet today!


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