Thursday, October 13, 2016

spaghetti dinner.....

It was so very cold and windy yesterday evening!...The wind blew a lot of things everywhere on the lawn yesterday.....It was chilly out there....

I have noticed lately that a lot of towns are hosting Spaghetti Dinners...They have always had those as fundraisers....

I enjoy preparing Spaghetti and since it is the Fall Season I have been cooking & baking a lot at is just fun to challenge yourself in the kitchen,,,,Italian food is one of my favorites to create....I like the sauce, cheeses, and the pastas....

Boiling pasta has always got to be done right, you don't want sticky pastas that you cannot chew and you don't want it to break your teeth! always boil mine in a cooking pot with plenty of water....Read your instructions on the pasta packaging/box......Draining the boiling water from the cooking pot into a colander set in the sink, there is a lot of steam and you need to always watch out so you will not burn yourself!

I like to scramble some Hamburger meat in Canola oil, I like mine well done, then I throw in a small can of sliced mushrooms...sauté them.....I drain the oil from the meat & mushrooms into a waste pan, and then I place the meat and mushrooms into the spaghetti.....

Finding a good Spaghetti sauce is always good, and I just leave it in the container it is purchased in, I spoon it onto the spaghetti from the can or jar, or you can pour it onto there.....

I like salad with my spaghetti and breadsticks/garlic bread...I talked about all the breadsticks/garlic bread I enjoy and have used before....

Some people like to purchase the wheat spaghetti or the plain--all the same.

Pasta Brands I enjoy--

Best Choice
American Beauty
Always Save
Western Family

Spaghetti Sauces, many types of these I have tried a lot of them throughout the years, they are in jars or cans, sometimes you mix them yourself from a package...Follow instructions.

Spaghetti Sauce Brands I have tried---

Great Value
Del Monte
Always Save
Western Family

sometimes if you don't think you have time to prepare spaghetti, you can purchase the spaghetti and meatballs in a can like Chef Boyardee and Campbell's Spaghetti o's...they have off brands for these also...

I like Kraft Parmesan cheese to shake onto the's good..they have off brands for this also..

I always wonder just how much spaghetti they have to prepare for a whole town? we had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the church once and it took 6 packages of spaghetti....I can only imagine how much it must take for a grand sized town locally....several jars or cans of sauce


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