Sunday, October 9, 2016

pre-plan, advertise church events.....

Whenever the churches have events that are going to be taking place locally, they always need to ADVERTISE these events to the local public, in the newspapers, fliers in the mail, or advertisements placed in store windows...what time and day, and what the event is going to be....

Churches need to plan at all times for events...They need to have schedules and calendars with the days and times already available before they happen!...I am a planner and I think being prepared for events at the church has always been helpful to everyone....that way the church and all the attendees can already be donating their time or money to purchase all things necessary for events...

Bulletins at the church or hand-outs as they are called need to have these events already placed a month in advance so everyone can know what will be taking place and have the time to attend....

Purchasing and gathering of items necessary to make the church events grand and well organized always needs to be completed at least a month in at the church in a room that is monitored....Perishable items like foods can just be purchased a few days before the event if it is a fundraiser dinner party and prepackaged items....

events that may take place at the church:

Bake Sales
Garage Sales
Children events
Women & Men's Groups events
Church Missionary Work
Prayer Breakfasts
Preparing Meals for those in need
Food & Clothing Drives
Church Clean-up Day
Birth Announcements
Wedding Announcements
Funeral Announcements with attendees helping
Cowboy Church Dinner BBQ during Rodeo week
Christmas Plays
Easter Egg Hunts
Bible School Program--during summer
Church parties

knowing ahead of time what to purchase, when to donate your time, or items....Being aware of events a month in advance is always good for everyone....Well, we're going to be having this event or that event...and we all need to know in advance....and everyone needs to take part and help out in any way you may be possible too.....We don't need just a few people completing all the work and everyone else being lazy!...We all should donate our time and join in and be helpful at your church....


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