Saturday, October 1, 2016

doesn't matter......

Many times throughout my life I have had friendships that went terribly wrong because of jealousy over many stupid things.....It has always been a challenge to have friends that are women.....I know I have a few good friends that are women and men.....

I'm just a normal person, and I am grounded, I don't care about being a snob, focusing on money and all that, I'm not obsessed with being beautiful...People always say that I am beautiful, but I don't care about beauty, all I care about is being a good person and being kind to everyone....

too many times in life women it seems are made to feel that being beautiful is all that matters, and being successful is all that matters, or however many boyfriends you can have is most important, and I don't think that women should be made to be focused on being the perfect size, wearing make-up ALL the time!

I like to just go to the store and dress casual, not wear make-up when I just go locally...I know I look terrible and like a mess sometimes at the store, I dress nicely and wear make-up for events and occasions though.....oh who cares ! up is fun!...but I just don't wear it all the time...

BUT all women need to know that you don't need to wear make-up to be beautiful, or have materialistic items to be important, or be a perfect size to be beautiful, everyone is a beautiful person when they are a good soul......everyone is different and not all the same, and that is good.

the jealousy thing with my (Not real friends who hated me) was something that hurt me terribly and I never could figure out why all that mattered to them was way too many boyfriends, materialistic items, beauty...they had most of those things, but they would become jealous of me over stupid things, like my hair, my eyes, my smile, nail polish, just weird things they were jealous over.....

I NEVER was good enough for them...everything became a competition with them, and I never once tried to compete with them about anything in life, that's what I despise is the competition crap with people.....I don't know why they wanted to start that!..i got sick and tired of that!....I just stopped being friends with them....*eyeroll*

too many women/girls have the problem with being tacky, jealous, snobby, nasty, spiteful, hurtful, and that needs to STOP......I know it goes on with men too, but I'm just talking about things I have seen with so called "friends"......

Women, girls should all be good friends to one another, show support for one another when you have good or bad times, be a comfort to them when they need a friend to talk to, and when something good happens to them, be happy for them, NEVER jealous!....always know that being beautiful isn't what life is all about.....NEVER tell a friend they aren't beautiful enough.....or that they aren't wealthy enough, successful enough, or smart enough, or they don't have a husband and children and they are not superior because of that.......that is so tacky to be that way to your friends!!!......upsetting! I have seen this so many times with women/girls in my family and with friends....nasty behavior....disgusting.

all females need to always be supportive and kick ass together!!!.....fight nastiness/evil in the world save the world girls all need to focus on ending many terrible things in the world!

don't be stand-offish, judgemental, overly critical, snobby, or belittle others when they are nearby.....the jealousy, the gossiping, the hateful attitudes need to go out the window!!! we need to always try to be better and kinder, stop all the nasty snobby......Never compete with others over anything....that's stupid.

NEVER start creating lies about others because you are jealous, this has happened to me for many years, just sick, nasty pathetic made up lies out of the mouths of nasty jealous men and women.....I have heard so many made up lying stories about myself that are sick!!!...the things they made up about me THEY were the ones out taking part in all that nasty stuff!'s scarey.....I hadn't seen those idiots since highschool I didn't even know them anymore! (and they still hated me) and a lot of them I didn't even know and had NEVER met....I just laugh about those idiots now.....LOL.....

always know that being beautiful doesn't matter, IF someone has not many good looks? Who cares!....don't talk about how they look or how you think they need to look!....stupid....

material items
married or single
children or no children
success or no success in life
nasty behavior

who cares?!! just don't give a damn about all that in doesn't matter..

these things they are always tacky and criticize other women over, and I am so sick and tired of that! you'll hear them talking here and there everywhere about one another..they'll be nice to their face, and then soon as they leave they talk trash about one another.....real good friends huh?!....haha.....

It seems sometimes that many times women are sort of focused only on beauty and that needs to stop...I don't care about all that when I am with friends...who cares! we have many important things in the world to kick ass about!!! lol....

sure I enjoy wearing make up and dressing nicely often, but I don't focus on that all the time, especially when I am just going to a local look terrible and I don't care.....

the color hues of many things women wear doesn't mean anything...that is so weird!

hair color
nailpolish color
clothing color

color hues of these things do not mean anything!!!...I have heard that lying BS for many years, she's wearing this color of nail polish, this color of lipstick, it means this or that...*eyeroll* more tacky nasty lies........stupid idiots.

IF you are a friend to anyone, always be a good one, and try to be a better person in life and that goes for everyone!


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