Wednesday, October 26, 2016

chiminea for the porch....

The sky was so beautiful last night....I looked out my window.....there were a few whispy clouds overhead and they shined blue-green and light purple with the moon near nice!.....I thought when I was younger that the moon was made of cheese!...haha!...I laugh about that still....and I thought stars were & diamonds...that's silly!

I have been seeing that there are many chimineas out there for purchase at home & garden stores....They are so neato...I especially like how they are created from clay...some have designs drawn into the sides or may be stained....

Chimineas are nice for your porches probably the back porch where they can get air...good places to set in patio chairs during the cool air evenings...just make sure you keep them from all things that can catch on fire and monitor them....Keep your kids and pets from the hot chimineas...they sometimes will PoP! and sparks may fly..this can be dangerous!..

I think it would be nice to keep warm there in the evenings and set and listen to the quiet or talk with friends/family...

Placing leaves, wood, or anything natural to burn into the chiminea would be ok I think.....just do not over pile it!!!....I don't have one yet, but they are nice looking!

another good way to keep warm outdoors.

Clay outdoor items to me, are something that I think look natural and are very nice.


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