Monday, October 17, 2016

beans & cornbread for lunch....

Created cornbread for a bowl of beans from the crockpot yesterday, I used a mix and then I added a can of MexiCorn.and some shredded cheddar..that is perfect for the cornbread...sometimes I use half of a can of cream-style corn with jalapenos and the cheese to create the cornbread.....

I like to enjoy a piece of the cornbread into the bean juice, you can also place a pad of margarine or butter onto a piece of cornbread by itself.....

You can create homemade cornbread OR you can purchase the small mix packages--I enjoy both of them..these brands are good I have tried them: follow instructions!

Shawnee Mills
Betty Crocker
Martha White
Hodgson Mill

Oh Beans!.....

You always have to wash your dry pinto beans from the plastic package and wash them several times only in water, look for tiny stones in the beans, then remove. I like to add a little jalapenos and a tiny bit of ham in my beans while they are cooking...

Dry Pinto beans in the packages, I have tried many of these brands---

Best Choice
Great Value
Always Save
La Preferida
Western Family

Soak the dry pinto beans over night in a pan of water...Place in crockpot for several hours turned on medium with water and add whatever you wish....takes a while to cook in crockpot...Keep lid of crockpot on to the top while cooking pinto beans....helps them to cook...

After they have completed cooking I like Trappey's Hot Peppers in Vinegar to shake the liquid onto the beans sometimes...very hot!.....sometimes I add ketchup to my beans also...I like to season things always....that was fun cooking that yesterday for noon lunch....Good!


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